why choose rol?

What makes River of Life Camp stand out from the rest? We are sure that you will not be disappointed in choosing to send your child to camp here.

 A Safe Environment

Here at River of Life Camp we make special effort to make sure the environment your child lives in during their time here is safe, both physically and socially. Their should be no question in your mind that your child is safe here at our camp, and we go the extra mile to make sure that happens.
We take safety so seriously here at River of Life Camp that we have devoted a whole website page to it. We encourage you to go to it and learn more about the safe environment we provide at our camp. Click here: Safety at ROL



A Quality Staff Team

Each member of our staff team is highly trained and desires to serve at camp to the best of their abilities. The majority of our staff members have even been campers at our camp in the past, so they know exactly how much your child’s time here at camp means to them.
We also devote an entire weekend for our Day Camp Staff and an entire week for our Overnight Staff to training them. From Child Safe Policies to Counseling Techniques, our counselors are well equipped to make sure your child enjoys their stay here in every way possible.

An Extraordinary God

We serve and unbelievably extraordinary God here at our camp. God has blessed this ministry so much. He continues to bring God-honoring counselors and Bible speakers who have experienced the sacrificial love of Christ themselves to our camp. They are ready to serve your children and help them connect with God so that they can experience that love as well.
Jesus Christ is the reason we do camp. Everything we do here is used as a way to share with you and your child the love of Christ!