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Here at River of Life Camp we want campers to make memories. Good memories are made where there are awesome things to do – so we provide the activities – and campers make the memories. Check out a few of the things we offer here at River of Life!

Our Pond

It’s hard to have fun in the summer without going swimming! At River of Life, campers get a whole pond to themselves. With dedicated free time for campers to make the most out of our campus, you’ll be sure to find campers making the most out of our epic water slide, water trampoline, jousting docks, boats and more! 
Check out all the fun to be had at our pond! 

 The Blob

Aside from all the other fun to be had in the pond, River of Life offers campers 10 years and older the awesome opportunity to experience “The Blob!” Campers love the thrill of getting to jump from the deck or launched into the air, only to come diving back down into the water. 
Check out the thrill that is, “The Blob,” at River of Life!


What would camp be without an epic paintball course? For campers 10 years and older, we have a wooded paintball course decked out with bunkers and towers. We emphasize a balance between safety and fun, and we equip campers with the best – we use Tippmann paintball guns – to give campers a quality experience.
Check out how we play paintball here at River of Life!

The Rifle Range

At River of Life, campers get to test their skills at our Rifle Range, where they’ll get to use .22 caliber rifles under the guidance and supervision of experienced coaches. We know that using firearms is serious business, which is why we emphasize safety while letting campers have fun at target practice.
Take a look at the fun to be had at our Rifle Range! 

Indoor & Outdoor Horse Arena

River of Life has awesome equestrian facilities that let campers experience the joy of horseback riding. In addition to our dedicated Horse Camp, campers coming to any week of camp will have access to our indoor and outdoor arenas. With helmets on, and experienced supervision always present, campers are sure to enjoy their time at the Horse Barn. Check it out! 


Field Games

Field games are one of the cornerstone elements of a good camping experience. Field games here are a blast whether we’re playing capture the flag, plunger ball, sockey, bucket ball, or a camper favorite: Dutch Auction! We’ve got all the space campers need to have some fun in the sun – or mud – as they compete in large-scale games.
Check out some of the fun campers are having!